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Transcription for podcasters, data collectors, & content creators

Replace those unsearchable and inaccurate auto-generated captions with customized captions and improve your search rankings and watch times. 

Turn your Zoom calls, research, and interviews into ready-to-edit documents. Choose a format that best suits you. Repurpose that text for all your other social platforms.

Increase your SEO and visibility by maximizing the text on your podcasts to attract significantly more traffic to your site.  

How does a transcript help you?

Search engines read text, not videos, not audio. Make your content accessible to everyone by adding a transcript to your content. SEO - search engine optimization - increases the quantity of traffic to your site which makes your content a top result in the search engines. Having text also makes your content accessible to people who prefer to read or are in an environment where they can't listen, as well as to the d/Deaf community. It's easy to see that having a transcript will give your projects the enhancement they deserve.

Why are we the Cristal Clear choice for you?

There are other big-box transcription companies out there. But when you work with Cristal Clear Transcription, you will always have a personalized experience. I will know your name. I will know all about your content. And your satisfaction will always be my number one priority. I will work with you to customize a format to fit your project perfectly and to give you much less post-processing work to do once you receive it. I have been trained and certified by TranscribeAnywhere, an approved school by the American Association of Electronic Reporters and Transcribers (AAERT). As a certified transcriptionist I am able to edit all transcripts, and I guarantee an accuracy of 98%.